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Why a multi-step hull?

Long used as a technique with racing yachts, when running, anytime you reduce the wetted surface area, you automatically reduce the drag and increase efficiency resulting in higher speeds with less horsepower and less fuel consumption. There is no comparison. Less wetted surface area and less drag equals a dry, smooth ride.

  • The boat comes out of the hole and planes on one engine
  • Smooth riding at high speeds (50 PLUS MPH)
  • Stable but soft riding hull (22 degrees dead rise)
  • Sufficient bow overhang (produces bow flare for a dry boat ride)
  • Totally developed hull lines (no flat side, sharp corners, or straight lines
  • The perfect tow-behind tender

Our new sophisticated manufacturing techniques ensure the integrity of the hull at even the highest speeds, while minimizing the maintenance and care.


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