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Typhoon in the News!

Salt water fishing Typhoon Canyon Runner
Best bargain small boat Typhoon Canyon Runner Review

Test Ride in a new Typhoon

sail fishing

Was truly blessed to get a chance to test ride a new Typhoon that Team 3 Buoys is running for tourney season. Great group of friends & Jordan really did a great job with boat & tackle prep! Impressed with the beam & layout of the new boat.

Joe suggested we set up shop down by Lake Worth Pier & it was dolphin mayhem on the first drift. Decent sized fish running 4 to about 15lbs.
They were coming up in the chum slick, eating flats, eating kite baits & just plain eating.

We ended up going 10 for about 15 bites on the fins & decided to focus on sails.

Had a triple come up on the kite and stayed tight on 2 of 3 & missed one later. The cool part was Jessica baited, hooked, and released her first sail ever on the Typhoon w the gang. Thanks Team for a fun day I won’t soon forget & thanks Typhoon for sponsoring !!

Enjoy the pic & peace all !

Eric - 11/14/09

typhoon deep water fishing boat

Shark Eats Sail -
Go 4 for 5!

shark eats sail
a good fishing sign

Had a chance to fish with Seppo & Lindus on Typhoon Sat AM.

Once again, I was impressed w the Typhoon in ROUGH 4-6' seas, and very few CC's out fishin. Worthy

Small craft advisory, and blowing NW at 15-20 when we got out there in 3-5 ++ seas.

Let me tell you it was COLD (mist coming off the LARGE swells)even after sun came up, and then the wind picked up to 20-25+ Eek3

Had a few nice birds stop by for a rest on the bow & break from the freeze. Toast (I love birds)

Seppo was up first and picked off a single on the kite. Lindis was up next and got one on flat.

I had my shots on flat and released one, and jumped one off. Then Lindus was tight again. This fish was exceptional.

We looked upsea and could see the sail lit up about 3' below the surface. Fish turned on the afterburners and went from 0-30+ MPH in a second and started greyhounding.

Fought fish to boat then it dove & got tail wrapped Bang Next thing we know there is an ENORMOUS shark munching the head & bill completely OFF said sail. Nono

Ended up 4 for 5 and even hooked a 4' houndfish that acted like a "poor man's marlin". Big laugh

Eric - 01/02/10


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