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The stepped-hull is the culminating design of world renowned boat designer Harry Schoell and engineer, boat builder Cal Connell, the original master minds behind the classic “Rybo Runner”. Mixed with of two decades of development and production which continues to be years ahead of the mainstream production builder’s “recent discoveries, Cal has modified the original design, building plugs and molds which now produces a new product known as the Typhoon.
Typhoons are truly high speed, blue-water, open ocean boats fishing boats which set the standard of excellence and quality, from initial design to finished product.

Each Typhoon hull is hand laid one at a time, utilizing the latest technologies and top of the line materials available. All structural boat components including the hull and stringers are made up of 100 % premium vinyl ester resin and fiberglass mat, blended on a closely monitored and controlled 50/50 basis. The exclusive state of the art, all fiberglass construction process bonds the deck and liner to the hull while it’s still in the mold then it’s vacuum bagged, left to cure naturally as it melds into effectively a single monolithic structure, while offering superior structural integrity. Premium vinyl ester resin is used throughout to protect against hull blistering, while offering the ultimate in long term durability. Carbon fiber mat is used in all of the large deck and fish boxes to insure strength, rigidity, lightweight and ease of operation.

So, why does all this matter? Quality. Attention to detail. Commitment to our customers. At Typhoon Boat Works, it is the only way we know how to do business. Here’s what we know…….

  • The result is a line of high performance boats which exhibits tremendously high strength to light weight ratio.
  • Custom built
  • Advanced technology provides high performance, FUEL SAVINGS, economical operation, low maintenance and lasting durability.
  • New sophisticated manufacturing techniques ensure the integrity of the hull even at high speeds, while minimizing the maintenance and care of the vessel
  • The Typhoon offers more deck area than most 36 foot boats
  • Each hull is meticulously constructed, with all structural components composed of 100% vinyl ester resin. There is absolutely NO WOOD!

Experience a ride in this boat and you'll understand why the TYPHOON has no rival!